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When we design, we take our design cue from nature herself. the highest compliment we can receive is having our structures, whether private residences or office complexes, be in harmony with their surroundings.

"a doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his client to plant vines."

                                             -- Frank Lloyd Wright

Professional Wasp Specialists

Wasps Toronto is an online division of Advantage Pest Control Inc. We specialize in wasp, hornet, yellowjacket and other flying insect removal. We offer treatment for flying insects, nest treatment, nest removal and complete elimination. We also offer a comprehensive Home Protection Plan. All of our staff are specially trained and licensed to bring the best wasp and yellowjacket services to your home or business. 

All of our flying insect services include:

  • Identification of type of infestion and nest site
  • Treatment for the removal of current infestations of wasps or yellowjackets.
  • Tips from our professional staff on how to prevent future wasp or yellowjacket infestations

Eliminating Wasps

The best do-it-yourself products for wasps and available professional services of residential wasp and yellowjacket control. We also offer commercial and retail wasp control.

Preventing Wasps

Wasps can be a recurrent problem in the spring and summertime. Our experts weigh in on the best methods of preventing wasp and yellowjacket infestations and painful stings when encountering these pests.